4 Tools for Marketing your Hospitality Business

Are you looking to grow your hospitality business using online marketing? This blog is for you!

1. Website

If there’s one thing that is an absolute MUST, it is having a website to showcase your hotel. It’s the smartest way to establish your brand and start building brand equity with your prospective customers. Your website is the number one tool to showcase your hotel and all its offerings and experiences that one can expect while staying at your venue. When designing the website, it is important to consider the following:


  1. Visual appearance that will be key in appealing to your target audience. If your brand is representative of luxury, rustic, or modern, whatever the case may be, always make sure that your design reflects the personality of your hotel venue and what they will experience by being your guest
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SE0) is key if you want to make sure you are able to be found online and maximize your search results. Organize your content for your website to support your SEO strategy…..a more robust SEO strategy, the greater your results for new guest reservations
  3. Analytics – find out who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, how long they are visiting your site, and much more. Learn about your potential customer base so you can accurately target them and entice potential travelers.
  4. Reservations & Database Management – This is imperative to keep track of your current and past guests, and efficiently manage you’re your online business capabilities
  5. Responsive Design – it’s just as important that your website works well on a smartphone as does a laptop or iPad.
  6. Social Media Integration – include links to your social media accounts. This is the most common business practice of staying in communication and interacting with your past and potential guests.


2. Social Media

The importance of social media in today’s competitive hospitality market is at its highest. People want to engage in communication 24/7 and want answers to their questions immediately. Social media makes this possible. The key is to research your customers and know which social platforms they use. Knowing this integral information allows you to interact with your audience and keep them informed about the current and future happenings, discounts, events, and activities that are taking place at your hotel. This tool can even speak to the events and activities that are happening around the local community and spark an interest to stay at your hotel due to special events within close proximity.


3. Printed Marketing Materials

Choose your materials based upon your budget and goals. If you have a limited budget, select a simple piece such as a trifold brochure. Make sure your printed pieces have high-quality photography done by a professional that showcases your hospitality venue at its highest appeal. The imagery you display on all your marketing touchpoints can make or break your visual brand so choose wisely. Better to have a few beauty shots than to have multiple low-quality photos that do not put your best foot forward.


4. Email

Almost everyone has an email address that is used for a variety of day to day activities. What a great way to target specific groups with laser-focused messaging by separating your database into multiple market segments. With this tool, you can find out their special interests, such as shopping, outdoor activities, sports enthusiasts, art appreciation, etc.

If your hotel destination is located in a central urban environment known for a variety of fine dining restaurants, a prudent strategy would be to segment a group email to appeal to prospective foodie patrons that enjoy high-end culinary experiences. Knowing your audience is key!

Partnering with an experienced branding and design agency can help you implement these tools if you are in a position to enroll the help of a professional team. Implementing these 4 important tools, send the right message, and your marketing initiatives will begin to show the results you are looking for. For more information on Badali Design contact us HERE

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