Guardian Gear Bulletproof Products

The Emergence of a New Brand that Protects and Saves Lives

Establishing a strategy to create a cohesive brand for a new start up that embraced the world of life saving products for students, teachers, law enforcement officers, corporate executives and everyday people was a challenge on many levels. With a broad range of products such as body armor, bulletproof backpacks, tactical gear, safety products, and medical trauma kits, the need to position a unified visual brand and capture the attention of a large audience was key.

Badali Design conducted focus groups to gain critical insights with sample groups that represented the key audiences. The research findings provided a strategic road map for the brand foundation and all creative assets, led by the development of a new logo identity. The approach of the new visual mark needed to convey a protective theme that would attract both male and female consumers. Law enforcement and first responders is a large segment of their target consumers. However, the visual brand needed to communicate to all their consumers without leaning too far over in any specific segment and have the ability to attract other markets such as educators, government employees, corporate executives, and civilians. The design process concluded with a logo displaying stylized wings in a protective position as in the case of a mother bird guarding her chicks. At the center of the wing span sits a stylized “G” representing the name of the company “Guardian Gear“. The letterform also took on characteristics of a protective shield used in combat. All elements of the logo point back to the premise of “protecting and guarding” which is the basis of the company.

Additionally, as a critical marketing tool, the website had to convey their messaging “Guarding and Saving Lives” which is the mantra of their life saving products and the company tagline. This led to the use of bold video clips and photo imagery displayed on a large rotating banner to remind viewers of the tragic events that continue to take place within our communities and encourage preparedness. The design was based upon a template that was customized in various functionalities needed for optimum display of products and consumer purchasing. The deployment of SEO strategy was implemented for searchability results that continues to be built upon.

The approach to the overall design of the ecommerce platform was to establish a user friendly experience and make the shopping process easy to navigate. With a large variety of products to choose from, the need to organize into categories was necessary. Additionally, the product description areas were populated with key bulleted information that was carefully crafted to have a dual purpose of being utilized for search engine optimization (SEO) and content strategy.

In preparation for their launch, Badali Design created marketing assets for various events and conferences, including pull-up banners, table tops and event program ads, consistent with the new graphic standards. A national PPC campaign was developed and managed with outstanding results as well as supportive social media platforms used to engage with their audience and build brand equity.

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