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Our Capabilities

We are all about enhancing brands and providing experiential interactions with consumers through our proven process of collaboration and strategy. No matter how complex the challenge presented, Badali Design is committed to delivering results through the power of design and technology.

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Brand Strategy

Define your brand essence by discovering fundamental truths. We create a strategic platform through research, engagement and analysis. When you are guided by your core values, vision and clear positioning, your audience will believe in you, will share your passion, and become your greatest fan.

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Research and study of appropriate name discovery that best represents the brand story, products, and services – we discover what kind of name should it be – descriptive, invented, playful, etc. It’s not a task to take lightly since your name will be the first impression your consumers will have of you.

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Creative Development

Where the visual magic happens and heads turn. Your opportunity to grab your audience and wow them is right here. We become graphic design vigilantes who take creativity into our own hands that illustrates a brand’s visual essence combined with positive experiential outcomes.

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Website Development

We live in a digital world and your brand does too. An engaging and responsive website is the price of entry and your channel to remain relevent. Whether mobile or stationary in a space, we design custom digital touchpoints that engage and capture your audience.

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Online Marketing

We build robust campaigns through a variety of digital applications that resonate with your target audience. Our focus is to elevate brands with ROI-centric strategy through a variety of marketing mediums that keep us and our clients always a step ahead.

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Analytics & SEO

We’re data junkies. Always injecting insights and analytics into every vein of our process. This helps our clients identify and qualify the highest probability prospects and take their businesses to the next level.

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Content & Copy Development

Whether its video, audio, or narrative content, powerful stories that move the verbal into the truly visceral and impassioning even the unbelievers is the beauty of our laser-focused content development.

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Social Media Management

Identify, build, and engage with your customers is key to building brand equity. Our team will implement and manage your social platforms to build a deeper level of engagement with your community and ultimately increase sales.

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Branded Environments

Badali unifies multiple environmental elements in collaboration with architects and interior designers. From donor installations and wayfinding, to environmental graphics that strengthen and reinforce your brand experiential perceptions.